11 Tips // Planning a Successful Event

We can’t believe it, but Social Bliss Events is celebrating 10 Years of business! We decided to share a few tips we’ve learned over the past decade.

No matter the size or cost of your event, there are a few things you can do to ensure less stress and create more fun. Here are 11 tips you must not forget:

1.) Plan Ahead –– Like wayyyy ahead. For big events such as weddings and conventions, we suggest a minimum of 1 year. You can get away with 6 months for bachelorette and birthday parties, but planning early never hurt anyone, right? SBE clients receive a monthly checklist with all of their .

2.) Have a planner, friend, or family member as a designated accountability partner and extra set of eyes to guarantee your vision is happening from multiple sides.

3.) SET A BUDGET — AND STICK TO IT. You can thank us later for this tip, but think through the 3 aspects of the party that matter most. Make those your top budget priorities, and be flexible with everything else.

4.) Pick a theme – Every party should have a design focus, color scheme or theme. This will help you to have a cohesive event. Everything should flow – from the linens to the signage and all of the details in between. Also, let guests know if there is special attire required.

5.) Build a guest list – Make sure your list is reflective of the people that will truly celebrate you! The bigger the party, the larger the food and beverage bill.

6.) Select a venue – You can’t have a party without a space. This is your top priority when planning an event. You can google venues online that are within your budget, or ask family and friends that may have a meaningful or pretty property. Make sure to do a site visit, and take videos so you can reference the space later.

7.) Daydream about decor — This is the fun part! Everyone creates a Pinterest board. However, make sure the vision matches your budget. It’s easy to fall in love with something online… until you see the price tag. The further in advance you plan, the easier it is to save money and collect sentimental items.

8.) Book vendors – Did you know you’re not the only person planning a party? HA! That’s why we recommend booking all of your vendors as soon as possible. Amazing vendors or in high demand so you’ll want to inquire about their availability, sign a contract, and pay a deposit to lock them in for your event. Most vendors require a 50% deposit. SBE clients receive a curated vendor list so they’re not relaying on Google and Yelp to select their vendors.

9.) Create a timeline for the day and layout, if necessary. A timeline keeps everyone on track. It helps vendors and guests have direction so you can be present for your event. Don’t forget to factor in arrival times, set-up, and tear down. Make sure to schedule photo details and any momentous celebrations.

10.) Be Flexible – News flash: everything will not go to plan. However, preparation is key! Make sure you have someone on site who is solution-oriented and made for problem solving.

11.) Make an Emergency Bag – Make sure you have a bag ready with any tools or supplies you may need for the event day. We recommend packing lighters, tape, ribbon, phone chargers, glue dots, fishing wire, and scissors.

This is just the beginning of planning an epic event. There are so many behind-the-scenes details that take place. Contact our team with any questions or event planning needs for your next celebration!

Photography by: Olivia Wilkerson