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Radiating excellence and joy, Sarah wows clients in every step of the event planning process.

We'll  bring your event to life while taking the stress out of the process.

Our Experience


years in business


years in the event Industry 


years of Nashville living

Sarah prides herself in her vast + diverse portfolio. The variety in her offerings has sharpened a unique skill set. Her exposure to a wide range of events and clientele developed a superpower of distinct service regardless of the type of event she's planning.

This means her one-of-a-kind perspective is at the forefront of every client experience.

With over 15 years of experience in the event industry...

Her quick wit and light-heartedness paired with authority means next-level execution, communication and consistency for you. As a past bride's father put it best, Sarah has a "sweet assertiveness". She is in your corner from start to finish. 

So, tell me, are you ready to have Sarah on your team?

Meet The team


Lead Planner

Daisy has always loved hosting and attending parties. However, she understands the hard work, time and sacrifice that goes into each special event .

She pays attention to details, loves supporting Sarah and the rest of the SBE Team to make sure you get to enjoy the moments and make everlasting memories.


Meet The team

Marketing + Events Coordinator



Courtney is a Lender with Churchill Mortgage (as her day job!) and she truly enjoys getting to build relationships with clients throughout the Southern region. She specializes in educating her clients on the terms, process, finances, & creating personalized steps to prepare them for the homebuying process. This includes thinking outside the box as well as outside of traditional hours to meet her clients where they are and help them to move forward. 

She grew up in a family who was always catering & putting on various events so joining the SBE team was second nature for her. She is passionate in meeting new people throughout various events & making sure they experience a flawless experience. 

Save your time and energy for what really matters, being present while you celebrate with loved ones.

We'll take it
from here...

Our Timeline


Started SBE against the naysayers who said, "have fun with your hobby. No one will pay you to plan a bachelorette party."


Sarah left her corporate job on June 17th to run SBE full-time. 


First international event in Mexico.

After the pandemic hit, they rescheduled all but 5 events.


SBE survived a global pandemic and thrived with their first national publication feature in People Magazine.


SBE celebrated 10 years in business!!

Traveled to Italy for their second international event.

"She is organized, a great planner, friendly, and extremely professional. She feels like she is part of the team and is great at resolving anything that comes up pre and post event.

She can manage events of all sizes and needs; I really enjoy this aspect of her business.

- Dawn S.

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