A Nashville Must-Do: Photowalk Nashville

We’ve been keeping one of Nashville’s best kept secrets, but it’s time to spill the beans on Photowalk Nashville. Christy and her team are FAB! To celebrate a wonderful Q2, we had some team bonding on their Gulch tour, and we had a BLAST. The morning was filled with belly laughs, sweat, and we created some wonderful memories (and now, we have the photos to last forever).

In one hour, we visited 8 murals! We couldn’t skip the infamous wings.

Winky Lux had some of the most beautiful photo ops, and their make-up is spectacular, too.

Strike a pose!

Even though all of our team lives in Nashville, Christy showed us some new Gulch additions that are now on our must-visit list. Proof, we’re coming for you. We learned fun facts, and even got the inside scoop on celeb spottings.

The murals at Kittenish were like really pretty!

Nashville, you stole our heart(s). We’re beyond grateful for this AMAZING city!

Tip: add props to your photoshoot. We brought sunglasses, bags, shoes or quick outfit modifications for different looks.

Last but not least, our favorite part was the champagne spray on the private rooftop. The views of Nashville were incredible, and this is a fun addition you won’t want to skip.

If you’re in Nashville, the Photowalk Tour is a must. Also, it’s not too touristy so the locals can enjoy, too. Christy and her team do a great job of combining photo ops with fun Nashville history. We enjoyed the Gulch Tour (and our clients love it, too), but they also have a 12 South Tour that we’ll be checking out soon.

Whether you’re booking a private shoot or joining the group tour, you’ll have a terrific time either way. Use code SocialBliss for some extra perks! 😉 If you’re in Scottsdale, you can book this amazing photoshoot, too!