5 Baby Shower Games You Must Play

1. Guess the baby food item

This game is so funny because guests are confident they know the food type, but it’s harder than it looks. We recommend selecting foods that are the same color to make it more challenging. For example, we used apples and banana pineapple (a double flavor is extra hard) for round one. In the final round, we used sweet potatoes and butterscotch pudding. We threw the pudding in for a curve ball, and we were surprised that more than half of the guests guessed correctly.

2. Blow and pop

Divide your group into teams. Pass out a balloon to each person. When you say, “Go”, each member of the group will blow up their balloon, tie it and place it under their shirt before the next person can go. When the entire group has blown up their balloons, they begin to pop them however they can. The first team to blow up all balloons and pop them WINS!

3. How big is the bump?

Everyone loves to guess how big the mom-to-be’s bump is. We ordered this super cute 2-pack roll from Amazon, and it comes right to the office. #priase That’s one less thing to do. 😉 Not to mention, there’s no need for scissors on the day of the shower so everyone can rip their length and keep moving.

Have the future mommy walk around and measure the strips. The closest person (who doesn’t go over) wins!

4. Couple questions – Mom vs. Dad

Have the couple sit back to back in a chair and swap one shoe. They listen to the questions and raise the corresponding shoe that matches the answer. Guests chuckle when they answer differently or even change their answers based on crowd reaction. HA! Below are a few questions that are crowd pleasers.

  • Who will change the most diapers?
  • Who will make the baby laugh the most?
  • Who will be the helicopter parent?
  • Who will cry first after the baby’s birth?

5. Scratch offs

Once again, Amazon saves the day! These scratch off cards are fun and get the crowd engaged. Everyone is checking with their neighbor to see who won, and they’ll even ask for extra cards, if you have them.

What if you have a tie breaker? We suggest playing musical chairs to determine the real winners. It’s an interactive game, and no one is too big to try to find a seat when the music stops!

We hope these games bring lots of joy at your baby shower. Leave a comment with some other baby shower games that you love to play. Also, if you need help planning your baby shower, contact us!