77 Items for Your Event Day Bag // Courtney’s Contents

The biggest part of bringing calm to the chaos at any special event is preparation. You never know what a venue will will provide or what surprises may arise. Lucky for you, our girl, Courtney, was willing to share the awesome contents of her secret weapon – the event day bag!

Imagine this – the groom is ready for photos in his custom tux and his front jacket button pops off. What do you do? Better yet, have you ever been on the dance floor, and the power in the entire neighborhood went out? These are all scenarios that The Social Bliss team has experienced and met the challenge with a solution. Not to mention, we did it all with a smile thanks to preparation.

Here’s a list of Courtney’s event day bag. We’ve used every single one of these items.

Various Lint Rollers – Depending on fabric types
Body Tape – Smooth out body areas, shoes rubbing feet
Body Glue – Hold dresses in place
Cotton balls – For the belly button + tape
Heel Protectors – For loose shoes, blisters
Steamer – For tablecloths or clothes
Small Hair Straightener – For ironing clothes, ribbons, edges of table clothes + hair flyaways
Sunscreen – Protect that precious skin
Cooling Towel – HOT outdoor weddings
Nail polish remover – Removes sticky residue, marks on shoes, + nail issues
Goo Gone – Tags, residue on new decor
Windex Wipes – Easy streak free shine on decor, windows, doors, and getaway car windows
Wisps & Dental Sticks – Emergency teeth brushing
Vaseline + Q Tips – Best for eye makeup touch up (mascara runs) + works as lip moisturizer
Tissues – To hand to family going down the aisle
Sewing Kit w/Pre Threaded Needles – Last min snags, buttons falling off, or tightening up a shirt 
Strong Straight Pins – Boutonnières
Safety Pins – All shapes & sizes for many types of needs
Fabric glue – Quick hems, tears
Eyelash Glue – To hold necklaces and eyelashes in place
Floral tape & wire – To fix any broken corsage/boutonniere, rough scratchy edges
Shoe Goo – Miracle worker for broken heels & glues virtually anything (where super glue dries up too quickly!) 
Clear elastic hair ties – Hair fixes, adding items to bouquet, or bustling
Various Crochet Hooks – For dress bustling
Baby wipes – Wipe off shoes, quick refresh under gown, can be used to clean edges of gown
White Chalk – Any marks on dresses
Glue dots – Hold any decor/pictures/florals
Various pens- chalk, gold/silver paint pens, sharpies, regular black & blue – Marriage license, last min signs for tables/food, guestbook, etc. 
Various tape – Gaff tape (to tape down electrical cords), double sided, regular, packing, or duct tape 
Paper towels – To dry off flowers, bridal party spills
Lighters – *need cigar/torch style to light candles + sparklers quickly 
Small Broom/Duster – Quick cleanup- accidents happen! 
Towels – Rainy days where vendors or guests track in water, flower spills
Portable Lighted Mirror – For quick bridal touch ups
Extension cords & PowerStripsWhen the plug in is far away, or you need to plug in multiple items at once
Zip ties – Cords, tablecloths, hanging personalized name signs
First Aid Kit – ACE wrap, lots of gauze, hydrocortisone cream, bandaids
Electrolyte Packets – Rehydration
Motrin, Advil, Pepto, Tums, Benadryl, etc. When sickness strikes.
Bug SprayThis is needed for outdoor events.
Umbrella + ponchosRainy day needs
Portable speakerIn case the electricity goes out, and you need to keep the party going
Scissors You’ll use these more than you know
Fishing line & Various String –Hanging Flowers, signs, etc. 
Cake cutting toolscake cutter set, fishing line,
Frosting Knife & Smoother, Corrector – In case it gets bumped or you end up having to decorate it 😉 
Hair Dryer – For wrinkles & if clothing gets wet
Non-melting Candy – Low blood sugar + a treat for the littles
Batteries – All types
Various Charging Cords & Blocks – (2 pin 3 pin adaptor too!)
Disposable Gloves – For serving cake, food, plunging toilets, keeping fingerprints off glassware
Rubber gripper – To open bottles
Wine & beer openers – In case the bartender didn’t pack wine and beer tools
Clear Nail Polish – Works as glue, to hold flowers in place, run in hose
Apron – Cake decorating, carrying food
Extra Bag – For bride/grooms shoes, clothes they may need transported
Small dark ceramic tiles – For bride/bridesmaids to stand on so they don’t sink in grass
Small folding fans – Use for bridal party or grandparents on extra hot days
Smoothing comb – Flyaways
Eye drops – Red eyes, dry contacts, allergies
Tide Pen/Wipes – Quick clean ups
Club Soda – Red wine stains
Utility Knife – Use as box cutter, stuck on stickers, etc. 
Wire Cutters – For fake flowers, bouquet/boutonniere/corsage fixes
Bobby Pins – Hair fixes
Hair Accessories – Quick hair fixes, little flower girls who lose theirs, etc 
Body make-up – Emergency cover ups, hiding tattoos, etc. 
Hair Products – Hairspray, volume powder
Baby powder – Use as dry shampoo or body absorbing
To Go Containers/Baggies For odds & ends
Nice Paper/Card stock – To pass last minute notes between bride/groom, labeling food/chairs, etc.
Small toolset – Hammer, straight & philips screwdrivers (mini sizes & regular), mallet (for parking signs w/o damaging), pliers (because you never know!)
Disposable Razor – Needed for a quick shave but also for any fabric pillage (tablecloths, sweaters, etc.) 
Eyeglass Cloth – Cleaning glasses & other glass, delicate items such as silk
Tweezers – Fixing all the small things when you don’t have nails 
Small folding step stoolWhen you can’t reach high places
Flash Drive – If you need to transfer data to AV last minute
As you can see, she has thought of EVERYTHING!

Let us know if there is anything else you’d add, and don’t forget Social Bliss Events for all your planning needs!