Before the Proposal: 5 Engagement Tips

Are you looking to surprise the love of your life? You’ve dated for awhile, you’ve secured the ring, but now you’re unsure how to pull off the perfect proposal? After planning multiple proposals, here are a few tips you need to know.

  1. Plan the when + where

You want this day to be extra special. Do you have any upcoming monumental moments like a birthday, trip or special occasion? Think about special places that you could propose – first date spots, your favorite trip together, or a bucket list item.

Once you have your location, don’t forget to check what time the sun sets. It’s no fun to propose in the dark.

2. Hire a photographer.

You don’t want to forget this special moment. Pictures are a must, and they last a lifetime. If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. 😉

Also, think about what else you want to add to the proposal – friends, champagne, family, your dog, a picnic. The options are endless. How can you make this a special time for the two of you?

3. Make sure the bride feels and looks her best.

Coordinate with her besties to pack an outfit that she loves. It’s always a plus if she can have her nails done (and hair and make up too). But don’t make it too obvious. You were her to still be surprised.

Gentleman – pick out a nice outfit for yourself too and don’t forget to shave and trim your hair, if need be.

4. Keep the number of people who know to a minimum.

The more people you tell, the more likely the cat will be let out of the bag. It will be the biggest surprise when you pull it off, but keep the numbers to close family and friends.

Our biggest tip – turn OFF any shared location tracking. You iPhone, Apple Watch, and any other apps that share locations.

5. Embrace the moment. Bask in its glory, but think about how you want to celebrate.

You did it! You pulled off the biggest surprise – EVER! Do you want to have friends and family nearby for a celebration? Do you want to go to an intimate dinner just the two of you? How about a waltz down the street hand-in-hand? Whatever it is, she will still be in complete shock so take it a step further and plan what happens next as you begin your happily ever after.

We love surprise engagements . Contact us if you need some extra tips on coordinating the best proposal.