5 Tips to Planning a Nashville 50th Birthday Trip

What’s better than flying to a new city with 20 of your closest friends to celebrate the big FIVE OH?

With 18 years of Nashville living, we’re known for curating the best weekend itineraries. We plan every detail from the time you arrive until the time you leave – transportation, reservations, fridge stocking, decorations, and everything in between. We customize your visit with the perfect mixture of local and tourist. There’s no need Google and Yelp your way through Nashville when we can guide you to the best spots.

Heather knew she wanted to celebrate BIG for a monumental birthday so we pulled out all of the stops. Here are 5 tips to planning the best birthday weekend in Nashville:

Tip 1: Transportation

When traveling to a new city, having your mode of transportation planned ahead of time relieves so much stress! For this trip, we arranged all transportation for guests and made sure the address was included. When you have a group, it’s better to have everyone on one bus instead of FFY (fending for yourself). This way no one arrives late.

Tip 2: Printed Itineraries

Whether you are on a bachelorette or a co-ed trip, it is best to have a game plan — especially with big groups! We include digital + printed itineraries for our clients. We drop the schedules off at the hotels or airbnb and include local goodies, too. Keep reading for the bonus tip on welcome bags!

Don’t be afraid to split into groups for different activities! The guys headed to Top Golf while the ladies embarked on a Joy Ride shopping spree. It was a win-win for everyone.

Tip 3: Make Reservations

If you want to eat at the hottest Nashville restaurants, you need to plan ahead. Reservations are a must! If you’re visiting with a large group, you will most likely need to book a private space and secure a food & beverage minimum. We handle all of these details for our clients. A top favorite from Heather’s 50th was Mockingbird’s brunch,

Tip 4: Celebrate BIG

If you’re celebrating something monumental, make it extra special. This trip was for a 50th birthday so a private dinner with close friends was planned at Bloomsbury Farm. We brought in Tastify’s private chef, had the wine flowing, and curated the most beautiful outdoor dinner.

What is more special than your closest friends enjoying a meal together? This venue and sunset made it just a little bit better.

Tip 5: VIP is the way to go

The birthday girl loves karaoke so to round out the trip this fun group ended their night at AJ’s Good Time Bar. We secured VIP seating for them, and they sang their hearts out. Make your time in Nashville extra fun by skipping lines and having a private space just for your crew.

Bonus Tip: Welcome Bags

We curated welcome bags for the crew containing local goodies to commemorate their trip. We included tees from Tennessee Brew Works for the guys, jam from Loveless Cafe, initial necklaces for the ladies, Goo Goo clusters, koozies from AJ’s for karaoke, and many more fun surprises. This is the best way to kick off a trip. It sets the tone for the amazing trip ahead!

Need help planning your upcoming trip? We’d love to chat about making your Nashville birthday weekend fun. Book some time to talk, here.